Fun, exciting, interactive music classes where babies and toddlers are immersed in Tin Pan Annie’s land, all run by Tin Pan Annie herself who has over 22 years experience of hopping on one leg, entertaining children and playing guitar all at the same time.

Her classes are jam-packed with action songs and rhymes, both well-known and my own Tin Pan Annie originals, composed  to introduce children to the shape, timbre, dynamics and rhythm of music, so important in the development of language and speech.  Each week she introduces a different theme, made more exciting and absorbing by giant colourful posters, props, puppets and stories that emerge from Tin Pan Annie’s special box as the centrepiece of each class. The children love playing along with my huge array of percussion instruments in Tin Pan Annie’s band until Tin Pan Annie waves goodbye in a cloud of  bubbles.

Even the tiniest of babies are transfixed by all the musical and visual stimulation and, as they become toddlers, language and speech develops as do  valuable social skills such as joining in, listening and sharing  and confidence grows and grows.

Absolutely the highlight of your child’s week…..and usually the grown ups too!     Legal Bit     020 8670 0644