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Annie is passionate about the importance of quality live music on the development of babies and young children and believes it is never too young for your child to come and join in.

As part of her degree in Physiology and Biochemistry ( and with music as her real passion), Annie conducted research on the effects of music on the developing brain, pre and post-natally but it wasn’t until she had her own baby 24 years ago that she could see just how amazing the effects were. She had been teaching science in Tiffin Girls School , but by the end of her maternity leave, Tin Pan Annie Music had also been born.

As well as Annie herself teaching many of the classes she visits children’s hospitals in London as a music therapist. Over the years has trained music therapists , written music education programmes for primary schools, written articles, books, children’s songs, been a regular on Radio Lollipop at Great Ormond Street Hospital, taught at Wandsworth Hearing Impairment Centre, raised lots of money for children’s charities running music concerts, run teenage rock music camps, taken her family band to play at rock festivals. The list goes on……


There are countless obvious benefits including:

Physical hand eye co-ordination and development, spacial awareness, listening skills and language development, memory, personal creativity and imagination, social skills like building confidence, joining in, taking turns, consideration for others.

But there are many others that are not so obvious , for example live music participation has been proven to form inter-neural pathways between the two sides of the brain.

Your child’s growing brains are like sponges and absorb all the stimulation we can give them.


Exposing young ears to the rhythm and vibrations from the guitar, whilst they are watching our fingers move.

Singing specially selected songs both traditional and new with lots of variety of pace, dynamics and range. Some are very rhythmic to encourage your child to move, clap and dance. Others are more melodic to help your child follow the tune, listen carefully and join in.

Using repetition and metre in spoken rhymes to encourage speech, patterns and learning. ( just think of those times tables in a few years time!)

Visual stimulation from bright costumes, lots of active movement, posters, props and puppets.

Encouraging focus and concentration with Tin Pan Annie’s box and its array of props, puppets and a story.


PLEASE come ready for fun, joining in as much as you can, as your child will take their lead from you and absolutely LOVE it if you sing, clap, march with them.

PLEASE try to avoid bringing in drinks, food, toys ,comfort blankets etc. the little ones need their hands free for clapping.

PLEASE save unnecessary chat for after the class. Your child will focus on your voice and not be able to concentrate and it is distracting for everyone else.


Extra reading if you are super interested “Music makes your child smarter” by Philip Shepherd, recommended by the Royal Academy of Music.

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