Terms and Conditions
Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
1. The acceptance of these terms and conditions by the parents and/or carers of any child attending Tin Pan Annie Music® sessions shall be deemed to be given upon payment of the fee in respect of the child’s attendance or upon the child attending his or her first session, whichever is the earlier.
Fees and Payment
2. All fees shall be payable termly in advance, unless you join part way through a term, in which case fees will be calculated from the first class attended until the end of term.
3. Tin Pan Annie Music® may cancel this agreement at any time before the commencement of any term for any reason whatsoever. In the event of such cancellation Tin Pan Annie Music® will refund any fees paid in respect of that term’s sessions.
4. Tin Pan Annie Music® may cancel individual sessions during any term in the event of being reasonably unable to provide such sessions but they will use reasonable efforts in that case to contact the parents and/or carers of any child whose session is to be cancelled. In the event of such cancellation Tin Pan Annie Music® will refund the fees attributable to such individual sessions.
5. In neither event will Tin Pan Annie Music® be liable for any loss, damage, liability, claim or expenses arising from cancellation.
Missed Classes
6. In the event of a child being unable, on reasonable grounds, to attend their booked session then he or she may “catch up” that class by attending an alternative session appropriate to age during the same term (up to 3 for the 14 week Autumn term). These must be booked through the office and cannot be covered over to the following term or to summer club.
Free Trials
7.  Strictly one free trial is offered per child new to Tin Pan Annie upon request ahead of the class and at Tin Pan Annie’s discretion. Free trials must be requested via the website booking form and must have the parent’s permission. Free trials are NOT offered to siblings who have been attending free of charge as babies. It also does not apply to classes on different days, at different venues, with different teachers or to other age group classes.  If a nanny is booking a class we ask that they check with the parents first if the child has been before. If you turn up at a class requesting a free trial without booking, we will be unable to grant it for that class and you will be asked to pay the drop in rate of £10 per child/ £14 for two siblings and may subsequently be offered a free class at a later date.
Parents’ and Carers’ Responsibility
8. One parent or carer will accompany the child at all times. Save by prior further agreement with Tin Pan Annie Music®, that parent or carer will be as identified on the booking form.
9. The parents and/or carers agree and acknowledge that at all times the child remains under their direct control and supervision and not under that of Tin Pan Annie Music®. The parents and/or carers remain at all times solely responsible for the welfare, safety, care and conduct of the child. Tin Pan Annie Music® does not therefore insure against accidents and reserves the right to exclude from the sessions in the event of unacceptable behaviour.
Exclusion of Liability
10. The parents and/or carers agree to indemnify Tin Pan Annie Music® against all loss, damage, liability, claims and expenses which Tin Pan Annie Music® shall incur directly or indirectly as a result of any act or omission of any parent, carer or of the child.
11. Save in respect of any warranties, terms or conditions which are provided by statute to be nonexcludable (as to death or personal injury caused by negligence) Tin Pan Annie Music® shall be in no way liable to the parents, carers or child for any injury, loss, damage, liability, claim or expenses of any nature whatsoever.
Intellectual Property
12. The rights of Tin Pan Annie Music® in intellectual property owned by Tin Pan Annie Music® are fully protected. N.B. Many of the songs used in Tin Pan Annie Music® classes and parties are Tin Pan Annie Music® originals. Tin Pan Annie Music® agrees to no copying, recording, other reproduction or any unauthorised use of any such intellectual property. Action will be taken to enforce these rights in the event of any infringement.
Photographic and Film Rights
13. Classes taught by Annie herself are sometimes filmed or photographed for training and advertising purposes. This will be conducted in a responsible nature and no inappropriate images of children will be published. Attendance at Annie’s classes is taken for images of your child to be used responsibly by Tin Pan Annie Music®. If you do not wish your child to be included please inform Annie.
Please do not film or photograph other children during the classes without everybody’s permission which is to be sought before the class commences .
Sibling attendance,
14.There is no charge for bringing baby siblings under 6 months old, but please keep them safe from lively toddlers and take them out if they are crying and distracting the other children in attendance.  Once the baby sibling reaches 6 months old we charge the sibling rate of £3.50 extra per class and hope you will help them focus and join in.  Please do not bring older siblings who are off school due to illness. Older siblings off school for any other reason are welcome to attend at the sibling rate of £3.50 per class payable on attendance. We ask that you help older siblings to respect the age-group of the class they are attending and be aware of the younger children.
Please note that our sibling rate DOES NOT APPLY to nanny shares.
15. Our classes are designed to provide the children with the best possible learning environment . We expect the adults attending not to detract from this aim and ask that they come ready to participate and, as such encourage their child to participate also. Please do not bring food, drinks, toys or other distractions into the classes. Please turn off mobile phones and refrain from chit chat which adversely affects the children’s ability to concentrate.
We welcome visiting grandparents etc. if we have room.
updated June 2015
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