Fabulous fun-filled music classes for babies and young children!

Taught via Zoom by Tin Pan Annie and Harry!

Voted ‘Best Educational Music Classes – South West London’
SME Greater London Awards 2019
“Even the tiniest of babies become absorbed by all the stimulation….Without knowing it babies and children are learning so much whilst having a great time.”
– ‘Clapham Mums’ online Magazine

Bouncing Babies

4-14 month olds

Terrific Toddlers

14 month – 2 year olds

Cheeky Chatters

2 – 4 year olds

What to expect in our virtual Zoom classes

• The best possible music classes we can, safe in your own home without sharing those nasty Covid bugs.
• Both Tin Pan Annie and Harry will lead the classes, yes BOTH OF US ! That means we can bring you more! You will see and hear Harry’s amazing guitar skills whilst Annie’s hands are free to show you and your child actions and encourage clapping and joining in.
• Classes broadcast from our purpose built music studio (The Tin Pan Annie Music Shed) with state of the art audio and camera equipment and a vast range of musical instruments, so expect exceptional film and sound quality and the special appearances of some of our other instruments from ukulele to the double bass.
• Small class sizes so that we can all see and hear each other on screen and make every child feel special, feel like they are joining in and valued as a contributor. We will encourage children to interact with us and each other as well as with you.
• Expect a structured ,themed music class with all the elements you would expect from Tin Pan Annie Music, designed for your child to gain all the wonderful benefits of participating in a real music— improving musical skills, developing speech, language, memory, listening skills, recognition of patterns, coordination, motor skills, building confidence and allowing expression.
• Many familiar elements from our live music classes pre-lockdown like rhythm stick songs, action songs, listening, singing, clapping, dancing together, finger action songs, live guitar accompaniment, Tin Pan Annie’s box, props, a story, playing in the band together and chilling down time at the end as we sing our bye bye song. 

You will need:

• Two wooden spoons to use as ‘tick tock sticks’.
• Something to use as a drum (for example, a saucepan).
• A shaker (or water bottle filled with rice).
• A scarf or sock.
• Any percussion instruments your child enjoys playing!
• Link to access the video via ZOOM that will be sent in your booking confirmation email.
And of course, as you are at home you won’t have to wear a mask and you can sing as loud as you like!

About our Age Groups:

Children may join our age-specific classes at any time from 4 months to 4 years. All age group classes follow the same general structure so there is smooth transition but developmental progression as they move up the age groups.

Valuable social skills develop as the children learn to musically interact with each other.

Imagination soars as they all sit eagerly for Tin Pan Annie’s box and there is  lots of lively chatter as they link the songs, posters and props together to the theme of the day!

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Bringing siblings of different ages?

Please bring them both to the class most appropriate to the older child. Younger siblings are used to the more lively, enthusiastic behaviour of older children and love watching them as well as  joining in themselves.

HOW MUCH?ONLY £8 per household  (no matter how many children


3 classes on Tuesday & Thursday mornings