Welcome to the fabulous fun-filled mad-cap musical world of Tin Pan Annie Music – independent,  for over 30 years.

Run by Tin Pan Annie and her rock musician son, Tin Pan Harry, we are  passionate about bringing real live music to all kinds of children’s events – music festivals, charity balls, music in hospitals, children’s parties, nursery schools and running our own live music shows.


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The Tin Pan Annie Summer Show was a mastery of music, puppets, dancing and the best fun. They truly are the experts on how to entertain toddlers and children and keep them engaged . 

Jessica Reynold and family

Voted ‘Best Educational Music Classes
– South West London’
SME Greater London Awards 2019
“Even the tiniest of babies become absorbed by all the stimulation….Without knowing it babies and children are learning so much whilst having a great time.”
– ‘Clapham Mums’ online Magazine
“Absolutely the highlight of my child’s day…..and usually mine too!”
 –  Elizabeth Aspen 

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