Winter Term to December 16th

Award Winning Fun-Filled Live Music Classes

Tuesday and Thursday mornings with Tin Pan Harry
Wednesday afternoons with Tin Pan Annie
Friday mornings coming in January 2022

Tin Pan Harry high five!

Mixed age classes for 6 months – 4 years 

Join us any time


Top-class musicianship with Tin Pan Harry!

Talented and experienced multi-instrumentalist and teacher with an MA (Distinction) in Music.

100% Real Live Music

Live guitar throughout as well as lots of noisy fun percussion – and absolutely never any backing tracks. Just real, refreshing music for children and parents alike.

Fun and Educational

Themed classes are full of familiar songs, Tin Pan Harry originals, rhythm sticks, silly scarves, puppets and storytelling!

Super-charges Development and Social Skills

Proven to aid speech and language development, concentration, memory and manual dexterity. Boost your child’s confidence and watch their imagination soar!
Voted ‘Best Educational Music Classes – South West London’

Autumn/Winter Term Class Timetable 2021

Flexible booking options: book for 5 classes ( can be taken at any class within 10 weeks of purchase) or just for one class.

We use Happity for all our pre-bookings.


 Termly rate : one  child £8 per class, £12 for two siblings 

5 Block rate: one child  £9 per class, £13.50  for two siblings   

Single class £10  for one child, £15 for two siblings 

Half Price Trial classes available to new customers (must be pre-booked via Happity)

Streatham Hill/Balham - Tuesday mornings ( + Fridays from Jan 2022)
Clapham - Wednesday afternoons & Thursday mornings

St Thomas' Church, Telford Ave

Tuesday with Harry 9.45am - 10.15am
(6 months - 3 year olds)

St Thomas' Church, Telford Ave

Tuesday with Harry 10:30am - 11:00am
(6 months - 3 year olds)

St Barnabas' Church, Clapham

Wednesday with Annie 3.00pm - 3.30pm
(Just for babies)

St Barnabas' Church, Clapham

Wednesday with Annie 3.45pm - 4.15pm
(6 months - 3 year olds)

St Barnabas' Church, Clapham

Wednesday with Annie 4.30pm - 5.00pm
(6 months - 4 year olds)

St Barnabas' Church, Clapham

Thursday with Harry 9.45am - 10:15am
(6 months - 3 year olds)

St Barnabas' Church, Clapham

Thursday with Harry 10.30am - 11.00am
(6 months - 3 year olds)

St Barnabas' Church, Clapham

Thursday with Harry 11.15am - 11.45am
(Just for babies)

for Bouncing Babies (6 months...)

...Terrific Toddlers...

...and Cheeky Chatterers (3 years)!

What to expect in a our Covid-cautious classes

Many of you will have enjoyed coming to Tin Pan Annie Music classes (or heard about them) and we have been proud that our Covid safety measures have been described as the ‘Gold standard’ 

As restrictions are lifting we will cautiously try and give your children a more normal experience so from July 20th a few things will change on our classes.

Carpetted floor will return instead of mats so that your children can have more freedom to express themselves without tripping and we can bring back bubbles  and storytime around Tin pan Annie’s box.

Harry will not wear the full face visor ( which has been challenging as it muffles the sound) but will continue to use a radio microphone so that he does not have to project his voice which will minimise droplet transmission.

Adults are welcome to continue wearing masks if  preferred.

 We will still  provide a sanitised Tin Pan ‘Bundles’ containing all the props and instruments your child  will need for the class.

 Please do not attend if you show any Covid symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has Covid.

As always, our classes are designed for your child to gain all the wonderful benefits of real live music. Speech and language develops, confidence grows and imagination soars! The class will include rhythm stick songs, action songs, silly scarves, dancing, clapping, singing along, and of course all the wonderful props who appear from Tin Pan Annie’s box – a different theme each week! Children can play percussion in Tin Pan Annie’s band before waving and singing goodbye to the props and Puddles.


Our Venues

Long Guitar Teaching Picture Edit

Tuesday mornings

St Thomas' Church

Telford Avenue
London SW2 4XW

The Room

The Venue

Thursday mornings

St Barnabas' Church

Clapham Common North Side
London SW4 9SW

The Room

The Venue

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to make a Happity account with an email address and password?

A: That’s right! Signing up with Happity helps make sure the checkout process is as easy as possible. Having your own account with Happity will make repeat bookings much easier – and most importantly, your data is much more secure than when using a ‘Guest Checkout’.

Q: Do you have a Guest Checkout?

A: I’m afraid not – but it’s for good reason! See above.

Q. Can i drop in and pay in the class?

A. Yes of course, at the single class rate £10 one child, £15 for 2 siblings. We have a card reader or you may pay by cash. Trial classes have to be pre-booked as they are limited.