About Tin Pan Annie

Hi, I’m Annie, but for 25 years of my life i’ve been known as Tin Pan Annie. I have been making music all my life and passionate about sharing it with children for as long as I can remember. I volunteered to run my school’s guitar and recorder groups when I was a teenager myself,  volunteered at many residential homes for young adults with learning difficulties, taught guitar privately to pay for my own singing lessons, spent my gap year as an assistant to the Director of International School’s Orchestra, and paid my way through University running musical children’s parties. As part of my degree in Physiology and Biochemistry I studied the importance of live music on the developing brain pre and post-natally, but it wasn’t until the birth of my first son nearly 26 years ago that I could see how amazing the were. I had been teaching science in Tiffin Girls School, when Charlie was born and fully intended to return but, by the end of my maternity leave, Tin Pan Annie Music had also been born. Within a year I was running baby and toddler music classes every day with Charlie in tow and within five years I had 25 venues all over South London and 15 personally trained super duper musicians working for me. I am really fortunate to be well respected by many of the nursery schools and written their music programs for prep schools, as well as published articles on the importance of early years music in children’s development. I am blessed that my two super duper talented musical sons have always been a huge part of Tin Pan Annie from birth, performing and playing many of the instruments on all 4 albums, writing many songs with me, performing in our family band for charity events and at rock festivals, creating the website and being the inspiration for so much.  I have fiercely resisted many attempts to franchise my business like many of my competitors because of my passion to bring the very best live music experience. As both my sons left for University I have been able to devote much more of  time and effort into providing music services for children in hospitals, in hospital school and on the wards. Harry is now home working as a very successful musician in his own right as well as being a huge part of Tin Pan Annie. Last year we had an absolute blast recording some of the songs on video available on the `Tin Pan Annie Music  youtube channel, Tin Pan TV. We wanted to provide a safe educational screen time platform that was a healthy and welcome alternative to the constant barrage of mass-produced generic cartoons.

Since the pandemic we have recorded over 30 livestream shows on various platforms to bring our music into children’s homes. All are on our YouTube channel.

We have so many more adventures to come, so many more songs to write, and so much more joy to share through music. Bring it on!

About Tin Pan Harry

Harry is Annie’s youngest son! Harry has pretty much devoted the 24 years of his life to trying to do good by making music, earning himself an MA in Commercial Music in 2018. By combining the formal elements of his musical education with his  impressive amount of practical experience playing live, writing and recording, he brings a varied and multifaceted approach to private musical tutoring, function and event band work, his original music projects and music volunteering. After moving much of his teaching online during the Covid 19 pandemic, Harry has built a huge, loyal band of students as a guitar, bass and drum teacher.

With all of Harry’s experience and knowledge combined, classes taught by Tin Pan Harry are the unlike any other children’s music group around.

Calling all future rockstars – come to Tin Pan Harry! 


Tin Pan Harry high five!