Now booking exclusively through Happity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have booked with you before using BookThatIn – is it all with Happity now?

A: Yes, we’re just using Happity now. Thank you so much for coming to us before – please email us at and we will make sure that return to our classes is nice and simple. Thank you so much!


Q: Do I have to make a Happity account with an email address and password?

A: That’s right! Signing up with Happity helps make sure the checkout process is as easy as possible. Having your own account with Happity will make repeat bookings much easier – and most importantly, your data is much more secure than when using a ‘Guest Checkout’.

Q: Do you have a Guest Checkout?

A: I’m afraid not – but it’s for good reason! See above.

Need to pay a different amount?

Click the button below to pay (via Paypal) any additional charges you may need to cover. You will be taken to a page where you can enter any amount you choose. Please add a comment to tell us what you are paying for.